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2018 Costa Rica Dental Guide Awards

Every year, Costa Rica Dental Guide visits, reviews and rates the leading dental clinics in Costa Rica. We are proud to report our findings and highlight the best dental clinic in Costa Rica, as determined by our international patient care survey.

This is the second consecutive year that Goodness Dental has been named the best dental clinic in Costa Rica. Goodness Dental employs the top-ranked dental specialists in Costa Rica. In 2018, Goodness Dental specialists received the top rankings in the following categories: Prosthodontists, Dental Implantologists, Periodontists, Maxillofacial Surgeons and Endodontists.

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2018 Best Dentists in Costa Rica

Best Dentists Costa RIca

Costa Rica has some of the best, most experienced dentists in the world. Due to the popularity of Costa Rica as a dental tourism destination, many of the best dentists in Costa Rica have extraordinary experience with some of the most complex dental procedures, such as dental implants, full mouth restorations, orthognathic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry and more. Dentists in Costa Rica are better because they get lots of practice. In the USA, the average dental surgeon or periodontist places 20-30 dental implants per month. In Costa Rica, dental surgeons in some of the leading dental clinics place 150-200 implants per month. Patients benefit from doctors that have more experience and keep up with the latest research and protocols.

Our goal is to help connect dental tourism patients with the leading dental clinics and specialists in Costa Rica. With this goal in mind, we have surveyed industry leaders, researched doctor credentials, conducted patient interviews and investigated the leading dental specialists in Costa Rica to create our 2018 Best Dentists in Costa Rica list.

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