Costa Rica Dental Clinic is Ranked One of The Top Ten Dental Clinics in the World

Costa Rica Dental Clinic is Ranked One of The Top Ten Dental Clinics in the World

Costa Rica has slowly and steadily built a reputation as a global destination for high quality dental care at affordable prices.

Every day, patients from across the USA and Canada arrive at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in the capital city of San Jose to begin a different kind of vacation. While most tourists arrive to explore pristine national parks, go sport fishing, visit hot springs, gaze at active volcanoes or come face to face with Costa Rica’s famous monkeys, sloths and toucans, another type of tourist is arriving to start a different kind of adventure, known as a dental vacation. 

According to Costa Rica Dental Guide, approximately 15,000 dental tourism patients from the USA and Canada are expected to arrive in Costa Rica in 2019.

“Our 2019 survey indicates that more than 1250 international dental tourism patients, mostly from the United States, arrive each month for the express purpose of receiving dental care in Costa Rica,” says James Madigan, CEO of, the leading online dental tourism guide in Costa Rica. “Most patients choose Costa Rica for complex dental care including full mouth restorations and the popular All on 4 dental implants procedure, which provides patients with a full set of teeth over two visits to Costa Rica.”

Why Pick Costa Rica over Mexico or Thailand?

Costa Rica competes with other nations like Mexico, Thailand, India and Hungary to attract dental patients seeking affordable dental care. “The sky-high prices of dental care in the USA are driving hundreds of thousands of patients to consider seeking dental care abroad. More and more Americans are opting to leave home and receive their dental care outside of the USA.  “Costa Rica is now one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world.” says Madigan.

“Costa Rica is much closer to the USA than India, Thailand or Hungary, and it’s much safer than Mexico or other international dental destinations. It really is the ideal dental tourism destination.” Myriad patient reviews and videos help patients navigate their way to finding a good quality clinic. Service organizations like help patients find the top-rated clinics for safe and affordable dental care. The referral service is free and has helped tens of thousands of patients connect with the leading dental clinics in Costa Rica.

Top Dental Clinics and Best Dental Specialists

For the past three years, has surveyed dental clinics and patients to rank the best dental clinics and dental specialists in the nation. For the third straight year, Goodness Dental has been selected as the Best Dental Clinic in Costa Rica, a coveted spot among the nation’s six-thousand dental clinics. Goodness Dental was awarded this top position for exceeding the highest standards of international care, transparency and qualitative results.

“We surveyed hundreds of patients and read thousands of patient reviews. What became evident was the level of personal attention and commitment to giving each patient the best possible dental experience. Goodness Dental is a clear leader in this category,” said Madigan.

Goodness Dental was selected by to receive the 2019 Best Dental Clinic in Costa Rica award, as well as the 2019 Best Dental Tourism Clinic award, a new award category for 2019. Additionally, Global Clinic Rating, ( an international organization ranking the top medical and dental clinics in the world, has also selected Goodness Dental as the top dental clinic in Costa Rica for the third consecutive year. In 2018, Goodness Dental was also ranked by Global Clinic Rating as the #7 dental clinic in the world. In January 2019, Goodness Dental was elevated to the #6 spot as one of the top ten dental clinics globally. Out of 126,000 dental clinics in the world, Goodness Dental is the only clinic in the Americas to make this top ten dental clinics list.

Top Dental Clinic

Patrick Goodness, owner of Goodness Dental, offered some comments on his team’s accomplishments. “We have assembled a team of the best specialists in the nation. Each member of our specialist team is ranked as the best in their respective categories. When you attract and select talented and compassionate dentists and specialists, our patients receive the best care and feel truly welcome, safe and confident that they are in good hands,” says Goodness. “In a nation filled with good dentists, being selected as the best dental clinic is an honor. We treasure our patients and want the best for them. We’re always overwhelmed with pride when we read their comments and know that we have given them a beautiful new smile that will change their lives. I love to see the photos of our patients giving hugs to our doctors. It’s the best part of my day.”

“Many American patients think that they will sacrifice quality by choosing dental care outside of the USA. Sadly, many American dentists, fearful for their practices, warn patients to avoid traveling outside the United States for dental care,” says James Madigan. “The simple truth is that dental care in Costa Rica is equal if not superior to dental care found in the USA.” When patients travel to Costa Rica for dental care, they can expect to save from fifty to seventy percent on most dental procedures. “The first step for American dental tourism patients is to give us a call and speak to one of our patient coordinators,” says Goodness. “The second step is to get your passport and get ready to be treated like royalty by dentists that truly care.”

Costa Rica is a Top Vacation Destination

Special tip for patients: Remember to bring your flipflops and sunscreen. While affordable dental care is the reason for your visit, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the warmth and sunshine that makes Costa Rica one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Costa Rica is one of the safest destinations for international travel. Tourists report low crime rates throughout the nation. Most dental tourism clinics provide patient transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic. US dollars and credit cards are widely accepted almost everywhere in Costa Rica.