Patients are Choosing Travel to Relieve Stress-Related Dental Problems

Patients are Choosing Travel to Relieve Stress-Related Dental Problems

According to a survey in February 2021 by the American Dental Association, more than 70% of dentists saw an increase of patients experiencing teeth grinding and clenching, conditions often associated with stress. These conditions have increased from just under 60% in the fall of 2020. In specific terms, 71% of dentists surveyed reported an increase in teeth grinding and clenching; 63% saw an increase in chipped and cracked teeth; and 62% saw an increase in temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms, which includes headaches and jaw pain.

This report states that the vast majority of dentists indicate that the prevalence of stress-related oral health conditions among their respective patients have increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The increase in these stress-related dental conditions since the onset of COVID-19 is an indicator of the pandemic’s effect on our oral health,” said James Madigan, CEO of A solution may be found in dental tourism.

Pandemic Stress-Related Dental Conditions may be Solved with a Dental Vacation

“Nothing reduces stress quite like a vacation,” says Madigan.  “The dual problem of pandemic stress and the resulting stress-related dental conditions among American patients has a simple solution. Patients in need of a vacation and dental care can combine them with a dental vacation to one of the leading dental tourism clinics in Costa Rica.”

Every year, tens of thousands of American and Canadian patients make their way to Costa Rica to take advantage of affordable dental care, while taking in some of Costa Rica’s beautiful sights. “Now that the patients have returned in full force, we are noticing more stress-related dental concerns than before the COVID crisis, says Dr. Clyde Waggoner, Director of Patient Services with Goodness Dental in Costa Rica.

Savings and Stress Relief

“Our patients come to Costa Rica for excellent dental care at savings of 50% to 70% when compared to dental care rates in the USA. But more and more patients are also coming to relax and enjoy the beauty and low-key living that has made Costa Rica famous. Whether patients come for dental implants, crowns, veneers, a full mouth restoration or maybe just a few fillings, the best part of the dental tourism experience is that we take care of everything for you. We help our patients plan their dental experience and assist with local transfers, accommodations and more. Patients can also book their stay at Goodness House, our luxury guest house for patients to rest relax and recover in comfort,” says Dr. Waggoner. Patients may call Goodness Dental at 866-406-2744 or 866-290-6341 or email Dr. Clyde directly at for more information.

Focus on Dental Health

Dr. Karen Yurell with Getaway Dental in Costa Rica is focused on helping patients get the best value for their money. “Patients need to get away from it all and focus on themselves and their dental health. Our clinic prices are almost always 10% less than most dental tourism clinics in Costa Rica. We are also the only clinic in Costa Rica to offer a free airfare promotion. Patients can receive a refund on their dental care up to $500 to apply toward their airfare,” says Dr. Yurell. Patients may call Getaway Dental at 866-460-3159 or email at to learn more or book appointments.

Stimulus Money Used for Dental Care

Patients that have severely damaged teeth or require an All on 4 dental implants procedure often seek specialty dental implant clinics for their treatment. One of the leading dental implant clinics is All on Four Costa Rica, located in the capital city of San Jose. “We are seeing large numbers of patients that have decided to make a positive change to regain their smile and their confidence,” says Milena Chaves with All on Four Costa Rica. “Some people are using their stimulus money to get dental care, while others are taking time off from work to come and get their dental work and enjoy a little time away from the stresses of home. Our fixed rate packages make it an easy decision for patients. Whether you need 4 dental implants per arch or 6 implant per arch, the price is always the same with All on Four Costa Rica,” says Chaves. Patients may call All on Four Costa Rica at 866-343-3056 to learn more. Patients may also email Milena Chaves directly at  

Consumer Confidence Up

Another bit of good news is that consumer confidence in the dental industry is reaching high levels again. Almost 90% of patients recently surveyed by the ADA reported that they have already been back to the dentist in recent months or are ready to return to the dentist office again soon.  Paired with growing consumer confidence in air travel, dental tourism in Costa Rica is growing again.

The three Costa Rica dental clinics mentioned in this article have been recognized as leaders in dental tourism and are recommended by All three clinics meet rigorous international standards for COVID safety and protection and have demonstrated adherence to essential protocols for ongoing patient health and safety. For a specific clinic recommendation, please fill out the form on this page.