How to Choose a Dentist in Costa Rica

How to Choose a Dentist in Costa Rica

So, you’ve decided to start looking for options for dental care in Costa Rica and you now need to select a dentist to start the process. But how to choose a good one? Here are a few tips that can set you off in the right direction.

  1. Obtain the Contact Information for Several Dentists

Costa Rica Dental Guide is a good place to start. There is no need to look for individual dentists when we’ve already gathered a collection of the best trained and experienced professionals. Just fill out a form on this site and we’ll help you find the best dentists and clinic for your needs. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend looking but it will also help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information online without any sense of who to trust. We’ve done the preliminary work by finding the best candidates for your consideration.

  1. Read the Online Dental Reviews of Costa Rican Dentists

You don’t need to experiment when other Americans, Canadians and Europeans have already received treatment from Costa Rican dentists. Just read the dental reviews that these dentists have gotten from their patients to know what to expect from a specific dentist.

  1. Speak with Any Dentists You’re Considering

Don’t stick to just communicating via e-mail. If possible, pick up the phone and call any dentist that you’re considering.

Calling has several advantages. First of all, you’ll know if the dentist is fluent in English or not, which will be important when it comes to communicating your concerns and understanding the explanations and instructions regarding your treatment. Also, while dentists can’t answer the phone at all times for obvious reasons, you should be able to speak directly to the dentists in a reasonable amount of time. This also will indicate to you the level of service the dentist or the dental office provides.

  1. Obtain an Estimate for the Procedure You Need

While firm costs may be difficult without a clinical examination, a dentist should be able to give you a good estimate of the procedure. You can then use this number to compare dentists in the same area. A very high or a very low estimate doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, but there should be a good reason. For example, a dentist that charges more should have plenty of good reviews. Many clinics with low prices use inferior materials that will impact the quality of your care.

  1. Trust Your Instincts to Choose a Dentist

It’s okay to use your own instincts to choose a dentist once you’ve made a shortlist. Everything else being equal, you should definitely consider a dentist that makes you feel comfortable. The best dental clinics are the best for a reason. They provide a high quality service with time-tested results. Never choose a dentist because of price alone. Dissatisfied patients are often the ones who ignored their instincts and chose the lowest priced estimate. Saving a few hundred dollars or even one or two thousand dollars will not matter in 10-20 years. Think long term and always choose the best quality care for your needs.

Just fill out a form on this site and we will refer you to the best clinic for your needs. Your smile and your wallet will thank you.