Don’t Wait to Get Dental Implants!

Don’t Wait to Get Dental Implants!

(You Could Be Making the Situation Worse)

Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. They basically work as natural teeth, having the same shape, form, strength, and appearance. They also are nearly maintenance free. Normal brushing and regular visits to the dentist should keep your dental implants in great condition for many years.

The one drawback to implants is their cost. They can be quite expensive, even with dental insurance. That’s why many Americans are choosing Costa Rica for their dental care. The sad truth, however, is that just as many patients decide to do nothing about it and just wait for the moment where they have enough money to get the implants, a moment which seldom comes.

Wait and See Strategy

The wait and see strategy is a bad idea. Leaving the empty spaces between teeth can have serious consequences that can cause problems with the remaining teeth.

Without teeth, your gums can become damaged. They are not designed for chewing and the loss of teeth exposes them to abuse. While people tend to stop chewing on the side without teeth, due to the pain, the side they use to chew can get overworked and tired, causing stress and muscle damage. The teeth on that side also get stressed, which can lead into cracking, pain, or simply discomfort while eating.

The space left by the missing teeth may also cause some problems, including the shifting and drifting of teeth. This in turn creates further problems, including issues with bite and occlusion, which can severely damage your remaining teeth. These concerns also make it more difficult to place dental implants when the time is right.

Given enough time, empty spaces can cause serious problems that may require deeper treatment than just dental implants. And of course, in addition to the health issues you’re creating, the extra treatment you’d require in addition to the dental implants adds additional unintended procedures and costs.

Potential for Problems

The potential for problems and the additional cost is yet another good reason to come to Costa Rica to get the dental implants you need at prices you can afford. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse and the solution becomes more complex, more expensive, and more painful.

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