Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental procedure that strives to improve the appearance of the teeth. Many dental boards don’t accept cosmetic dentistry as a dental specialty, although many dental schools and professionals specialize in the area. In almost every country, a person needs to be a certified dentist in order to practice cosmetic dentistry.

Also, cosmetic procedures can be combined with other dental procedures that aim at restoring the functions of the teeth. Treatments that are done for restoration purposes typically fall within this mixed category.

There are many procedures practiced in cosmetic dentistry.
The most common ones are:

Teeth Whitening: A procedure that returns discolored teeth to their natural color.

Teeth Reshaping: A procedure that removes part of the enamel from teeth that have received damage in order to improve their appearance, often paired with restoration procedures.

Bonding: A procedure that uses a quick-hardening dental material to reconstruct part of a tooth. The material can then be subject to shaping.

Bridge: A device that is used to replace teeth by putting the replacement teeth on a structure that is attached to the teeth on each side of a gap.

Veneer: A procedure that applies a porcelain cover on teeth to cover gaps or bad-looking teeth that are still healthy.

Gum lift: A procedure that lifts the gum line in order to make the teeth look longer

Depending on your needs and your desired results, a dentist will recommend the most appropriate procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth.