Dental ImplantAll-on-eight solution is a type of dental restoration that is used when all or almost all of the teeth in the lower jaw, the upper jaw, or both jaws are missing, typically due to an accident or to age.

The use of eight implants in one dental arch may allow a bridge to be attached more quickly and with added stability.

In the past, dentures were used in these cases. However, all-on-eight solutions are more effective, look and feel like natural teeth, and most importantly are fixed. That means that they do not have to be taken out every night for cleaning or for giving the mouth a rest.

Unlike dentures, an all-on-eight solution is invasive, requires surgery, and involves a long period of time and a good amount of work. On the other hand, it is the most stable and complete of all dental solutions, and typically lasts for life, so it is generally worth it.

All on Eight Dental Implants Procedure

The procedure starts with an evaluation of your mouth. The dentist will perform a physical examination and ask you questions about your dental health. He will want to know the reason the teeth are missing, as well as whether you have received dental care in the past.

The dentist may decide to run some tests and take some x-rays, both to evaluate your situation and to plan the surgery. He or she might decide to pull some teeth in order to make a better fit for the all in eight.

Sometimes, the dentist may work on teeth on the opposite jawbone before performing the all-on-eight. In a few cases where the jawbone is not strong or thick enough, he or she will prepare a bone graft as well.

Day of the Implant Surgery

The day of the surgery, the dentist will perform the surgery as planned previously. The bulk of the surgery involves inserting eight implants in either the upper or lower dental arch, and that will serve as anchors for a bridge (or multiple bridges) that will include all the replacement teeth. After the surgery, the patient needs to wait until the wounds have healed. A temporal denture or temporal crowns might be put into place to help the patient eat during this time. All-on-eight dental solutions frequently require less wait time between implants and restoration.

The patient returns once more to the dentist’s office to have the bridge with the replacement teeth fixed to the top of the implants. After a few test bites and examination, if there is no problem, the patient may leave.

While the process might seem long and complicated, all-on-eight solutions are worth it. They look, feel, and function just like natural teeth and allow people who have extreme dental loss to have a natural smile.

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