Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Let’s Talk Numbers

Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Let’s Talk Numbers

Many Americans and Canadians are choosing to have dental implants in Costa Rica to replace lost teeth—sometimes a single tooth and sometimes as part of a whole-mouth restoration. While Costa Rica is a cultural and natural paradise, the main reason dental patients go to Costa Rica is the savings they get. However, they wouldn’t be going unless they were completely confident in the quality of dental care they will receive.

Like any medical or dental procedure, you should do some research about the outcomes and costs before committing to a dentist and getting those plane tickets and a hotel room. However, here are some numbers that you can start with and tips for saving money.

Dental Implants in Costa Rica

A single tooth implant in the United States will cost you about $5,000 US. The same implant in Costa Rica will cost you about $800 -$1000 US depending on the quality of the care. A round plane ticket for one person from most US destinations will cost from $400-$800 US, and a week in a Marriott Hotel would cost you about $800 US. Many patients choose to stay in smaller, boutique hotels with rates from $30-$60 per night. An average patient will spend about $2000-$3000 less just for one dental implant if you decide to get your treatment in Costa Rica. That’s a savings of about 50%=760% even with the opportunity to vacation for a week. The savings is even more significant if you choose to receive a greater amount of dental work in Costa Rica.

Do take into account that prices may vary greatly depending on your location in the United States. What costs $5,000 US in Wisconsin may cost significantly more in New York. Even in Costa Rica, where dentistry costs overall are lower, there is still some variation in prices due to the quality of materials, specialists and clinic location. High end modern clinics with safe locations and attentive service will cost more than a bare bones dental clinic in an older clinic space. We always recommend that patients seek value…not the lowest cost.

The complexity of your treatment is also a factor in the cost. You may need more than one implant or a more sophisticated solution like an All-on-4. You might need extra dental work or even restorative procedures, like endodontic treatment or veneers. The material of the crowns is yet another factor. All of these might increase the price. However, as a general rule, the more expensive the treatment, the bigger the savings are going to be in Costa Rica. Dentists are happy to discuss your needs, review your x-rays and estimate the cost of a treatment plan designed for your unique needs.

Traveling with a friend to Costa Rica to Costa Rica. Ask for discounts if both of you receive care at the same clinic. Make the trip fun and you will remember this dental adventure for a lifetime.  If you take your family for a vacation, your family will be able to enjoy a week in a tropical paradise. And while you might not feel well for a day or two, at least you’ll have good company in lovely accommodations.

Some dental clinics offer packages that include transportation from the airport to the hotel or clinic, and some even offer free or discounted lodgings if the cost of your procedure surpasses a certain amount. This is a good option to consider if you’re in need of more than one implant or some other more complex solution. We work with several dental clinics that offer free transportation from the airport and even free transfers from your hotel to the clinic. We are happy to connect you with these top clinics.

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When you visit Costa Rica for dental care, you’ll join over 2.66 million visitors from around the world who visit Costa Rica each year simply for the outstanding beauty and culture. So, while no one likes going to the dentist, visiting your dentist in Costa Rica can be a positive experience that actually saves you money. We help tens of thousands of patients that choose dental care in Costa Rica. We’d be happy to help you too!