Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica

Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica

Despite the advances in dental technology, including less invasive procedures and more effective anesthetics, some people are still afraid of going to the dentist. Just the idea of going to the dentist conjures the sound of the drill that used to scare us when we were children. Obviously, for these people going to the dentist in another country might be even more daunting, and while dental tourism can save you quite a lot of money, fear restricts many from traveling for dental care.

So, while it is true, some dental procedures are done primarily to make teeth look better, one of the important goals of dentistry is always to achieve a cosmetically attractive smile. In Costa Rica, dentists will work with you to achieve a result that restores your mouth to work well and look great.

Achieving that Healthy Smile

For some people, achieving an attractive healthy smile will begin with replacing missing or damaged teeth. In many instances the best way to achieve a natural feeling and looking smile is with one or more dental implants.

Dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Because they are implanted into the jawbone, they are as stable as natural teeth and can be used as anchors for permanent bridges using a technique called All-on-4 dental implants or All-on-6 dental implants. While dental implant solutions may be more expensive than old-fashioned dentures, there is a world of difference in how they function, feel and yes, look. Solutions based on dental implants are maintained just like natural teeth and typically last a lifetime.

Cosmetic Dentistry in a Foreign Country

Of course, you are going to want to learn what it will cost to achieve your beautiful smile before you jump on a plane, so we suggest that you call one of our recommended dentists and answer a few questions. The dentist may also want to see x-rays of your teeth or may suggest a test or two to help determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. You are welcome to call as many dentists as you want until you find one you are comfortable with.

While it would be great if we could all achieve a beautiful smile by simply whitening our teeth, some of us need more help than that. Here in Costa Rica, dental solutions like veneers, crowns and bridges can change your appearance, but you can expect a cosmetic improvement from nearly every dental procedure.

Costa Rica is home to sensational smiles at affordable prices.

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