Costa Rica Dental Clinic Provides Free Dental Care to Children in Need

Costa Rica Dental Clinic Provides Free Dental Care to Children in Need

Costa Rica, a nation of more than 4 million citizens, offers free healthcare and basic dental care to all. More than 6000 dentists provide abundant access to dental care for most middle class citizens. However, a growing number of Costa Ricans living at or below the poverty line still lack access to quality dental care.

By some estimates, as many as 50,000 children have decaying teeth that are ignored by parents and remain untreated for years, causing teeth to fall out prematurely. Children that receive fillings often receive unsightly metal fillings that make children feel self-conscious and afraid to smile. Many teenagers lack adequate access to dental care items, and experience tooth decay at an alarming rate. Other have crooked or protruding teeth that require orthodontic treatment. Since most orthodontic treatments are not covered by the national insurance, low-income families simply cannot afford braces for their children. Even adults with missing teeth are unable to afford dental implants or quality crowns, a reality reflected in the toothless smiles of many low-income seniors in Costa Rica.

Goodness Dental, a leading Costa Rica dental tourism clinic, provides free dental care to children in need through a unique program that brings dental care to low-income communities in Costa Rica. In partnership with the popular non-profit organization Project Santa Claus, on December 9, 2017 top specialists from Goodness Dental will provide free dental care, exams and even dental care training to hundreds of children and their parents.

Since, 2007, Project Santa Claus has been providing Christmas gifts every Christmas to more than 800-1000 children living below the poverty line in urban and rural areas of this Central American nation. At last count, Project Santa Claus has delivered Christmas gifts to more than 9000 children in Costa Rica over the past decade.

Interested donors may visit to support this effort.

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