Are Dental Implants Worth The Wait?

Dental implants are popular with both patients and dentists thanks to the benefits they offer, which typically last for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, many American patients seeking affordable implants in Costa Rica get discouraged when they learn that the procedure to get dental implants typically takes several months and requires two trips to Costa Rica. This is because after the first visit and surgery, a patient might have to wait up to six months to get the second part of the treatment.

As a result, American patients might decide that the procedure is not worth the time or the trouble. They may choose to “make do,” hoping they can “get by” without the teeth they are missing or settle for a less desirable procedure such as a bridge that involves grinding down healthy teeth. However, this is usually not a good decision.

First of all, a missing tooth creates the risk of losing even more teeth for one or more reasons. Absent teeth leave a gap that may cause other teeth to shift and move their position. The changes in tooth position may also cause malocclusions (changes in the bite), which may lead to the fracture of other teeth. Also, teeth that have fallen out may leave remains that might contain bacteria that can cause infections in the remaining teeth. Gum disease that may have caused the loss of one tooth may damage other teeth if left untreated.

The dental implant process typically requires at least two surgeries separated by a considerable length of time. The typical waiting time is four to six months, although some patients are advised to wait as long as possible. This time is needed to give the dental implant enough time to integrate itself into the jawbone before a crown is attached to the implant.

However, there is a reason for this long wait. Dental implants work better for replacing lost teeth than any other solution precisely because they become part of your jawbone, just like natural teeth. This allows them to be as strong and flexible as the teeth they’re replacing. Not only that, but dental implants feel and look like natural teeth, and require very little maintenance.

Finally, dental implants are a solution that stays with you for life. So, while six months may seem a long time, the long-term benefits certainly make it worth the wait.

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