Benefits of New Mini Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Benefits of New Mini Dental Implants in Costa Rica

You’re planning to have several implants installed. Maybe it’s because you’re going to wear dentures or you need to fill an empty space in your mouth due to missing teeth. While regular-sized dental implants are ideal for most patients, there are times when a mini-implant may be a better option. It’s not always clear cut, and it’s important to rely on the advice of your dental specialist to get the best solution for your specific needs.

If you’re missing several teeth your dentist may recommend implants to keep the surrounding teeth in place and to prevent jaw deterioration. You may also need dental implants to anchor and support dentures. For these cases, a standard size titanium dental implant is most often recommended. But mini implants may be recommended if standard dental implants are too large for your mouth.

Who can Benefit from New Mini Implants?

If you’ve suffered a loss of bone in your jaw, it may not support full-sized implants. Bone deterioration in jaws can be caused by radiation treatments, gum disease, or the failure to replace missing teeth with implants. In these and other situations, mini implants might be the best solution. Your Costa Rica dental professional can help you to decide whether they are the right choice for you.

To begin with, mini dental implants are smaller than regular implants. Regular implants measure between 3.25 mm and 5 mm in diameter. A regular implant is essentially a one-piece screw installed into the jaw. Mini implants come in two parts and are between 1.8mm and 3 mm in diameter.

More Benefits to Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are faster to install because the surgery is less invasive. They can be installed anywhere along your existing jaw line and, they can be placed to fit your existing dentures. Mini dental implants are also an alternative to bone grafts that might otherwise be needed along your jaw to support regular-sized implants.

Mini implants are long-lasting and have a high success rate. One study of more than 5,640 mini implants found long-term success rated in 96% of the cases. Mini implants can be used for both fixed and removable dentures, too.

It may sound like mini implants are a great alternative for regular, standard sized dental implants. However it’s important to remember that in most cases, your dentist will recommend standard implants with good reason. They last longer and are a more secure option for patients seeking dental implant-supported dentures. While it’s good to mention mini implants to your dentist, don’t be surprised if they recommend regular implants for your case. It’s important to trust your chosen dental specialist to make the best recommendations for your specific needs.

Your Costa Rica dental professional offers excellent savings on most dental procedures, including mini implants, compared to rates in the United States.