Dental CrownsA crown is a type of dental-restoration device that is used to give form and strength to a tooth that is still viable but has suffered extensive damage.

Crowns may be used individually, for example, after performing a root canal, or in conjunction with other structures, such as when used on top of a dental implant or an all on 4 solution.

Unlike fillings, a dental crown is normally prepared in a dental laboratory with a sample taken by the dentist.

This sample is created using a mold and usually involves the shape of the damaged tooth, but sometimes it also involves the shape of the surrounding teeth. This is done when there is concern that there might be problems with the bite.

The amount of time needed to build the crown can vary greatly, depending on factors such as material, type of crown, distance to the laboratory (important mostly in areas where there is no local dental lab), and the relationship between the dentist and the laboratory. For dental tourists in Costa Rica, it is important to know this information in advance so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Your dentist will help you decide what type of dental crown is appropriate depending on your specific situation.

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