Dental Tattoos on Crowns

Crowns are the most common devices for dental restoration. They are used when the tooth has received extensive damage, such as when the top of the tooth has been lost due to disease or trauma. They are also used to replace teeth that have been lost. When used in this way, the crown is typically mounted on top of a dental implant or on a bridge that in turn is mounted on dental implants.

Crowns are popular because they work. They are strong, stable, long lasting and they look like natural teeth. And now, many people are getting tattoos on their crowns.

The tattoo designs that you can get on your crowns are impressive. For example, they can be complex and multi-colored. Basically, you can get any design you want. However, keep in mind that the area that they’re going to cover is very small, so a design with a lot of detail on your computer screen might not be as impressive when reduced to the size of a crown.

There are two types of dental tattoos: temporary and permanent. Temporary tattoos are applied directly to your natural teeth and wear off over a period of time. (Normally they do not harm teeth, however in a few rare cases, they may lead to cavities if the inking is not done properly.)

Permanent tattoos are not done to your natural teeth, but rather on a dental crown. These tattoos tend to be more common. The design is sent to the laboratory that is going to create your crown. Note that the crown has to be a porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Obviously, a tattoo will increase the price of your crown, adding $90 to $250 dollars, depending on the difficulty of the design. Unlike a temporary tattoo, your dentist can remove a permanent tattoo at any time if you change your mind in the future. On the other hand, not all dental laboratories are willing or able to place tattoos in crowns. Also, your dentist might recommend a type of crown that can’t be tattooed, for example a Zirconium crown rather than porcelain.

So, should you get a dental tattoo on your crown? Not if you need a crown that’s not porcelain. But if that’s what you need, there is no reason not to as long as you can find a dentist who uses a lab that can do it and you are willing to pay a premium. No one can guarantee that you will be pleased with the impression that you dental tattoo makes. After all, dental tattoos are small and not everyone’s smile shows their teeth.

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