Porcelain Veneers

Getting porcelain veneers is one of the most popular dental treatments for improving the beauty of your teeth. It is a relatively simple procedure that results in an amazing, beautiful smile. Veneers allow dentists to modify the shape and appearance of the front teeth and allow patients to whiten their teeth permanently.

Veneers are like fake nails for teeth because they are a thin, whitish layer of composite or porcelain that changes the appearance. However, veneers are carefully customized for you and they are generally made out of porcelain or ceramic.

The Veneers Procedure

  • 1. Your dentist will evaluate if you are a good candidate for porcelain veneers or composite veneers. Dental models (molds) of your teeth will be taken for further study of your case.
  • 2. Once your case is approved, shape and color must be chosen.
  • 3. The next step is to grind down the superficial layer of enamel on your existing teeth in order to make space for the veneer. The color choice is also reconfirmed at this stage. In some cases, veneers can be placed without the need to grind down the surface.
  • 4. A mold of your teeth must be taken so that the veneer can be customized to fit perfectly.
  • 5. A provisional veneer will be placed while the porcelain veneer is being built in the laboratory.
  • 6. When the permanent veneers are ready to be placed, your dentist will remove the temporary veneer and place the porcelain veneers to judge if the veneers are correct and ready for fitting. If the result is satisfactory, the veneers will be permanently glued.
  • 7. There will be one or two final appointments called controls. During these appointments your dentist will double check veneers to ensure that the look and final fit is accurate.

Technician In A Dental Laboratory Applying Ceramics To A Prosthe