GETAWAY DENTAL Voted Best Value Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

GETAWAY DENTAL Voted Best Value Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

(Hint: Their Free Airfare Program is a HIT with Patients.)

Every day, we receive emails and messages from patients telling us about their dental experience in Costa Rica. Sometimes, patients tell us what went wrong. Most are minor issues. But sometimes, patients report serious problems that occur as a result of choosing the lowest-price clinic for their dental care. If 99% of all dental clinics in Costa Rica charge $850-$1000 for a dental implant, do you really think it’s a good idea to choose a dental clinic that offers dental implants for $650? Of course not. But every day, otherwise smart people, become foolish patients when they choose their dental care based on finding the lowest possible prices.

On the other hand, some patients are so pleased with their dental experience that they share every detail with us, in praise of the dental clinics that get it right. It’s not easy to provide dental care for patients from the USA and Canada, many of which are on tight budgets and may have extensive dental care needs. If you’re reading this article, you are likely on this website because the price of dental care in the USA and Canada may be beyond your financial reach. The best dental clinics offer high quality care at affordable prices and with a level of service that is both personal and attentive.

Over the years, we’ve seen many clinics attempt to provide care to international patients, but only a select few have achieved success in this arena. It takes finesse in marketing to attract the right patients in North America, and an equal level of skill to manage their experience as patients. You need skilled specialists and a team of dedicated support staff to help with transportation, answer questions and to make patients feel at home during their care.

GETAWAY DENTAL has achieved a level of excellence that most clinics aspire to. In a recent polling of our readers, GETAWAY DENTAL was rated as the Best Value in Dental Care in Costa Rica. What does this mean? GETAWAY DENTAL was rated as a leader in the following categories:

  • Best Overall Value
  • Low Prices
  • English-Speaking Specialists
  • Personal Service
  • Free Transportation from
  • Airport & Hotels
  • Satisfaction with Final Results

Goodness Dental, a partner clinic with GETAWAY DENTAL, has been named the Best Overall Dental Clinic in Costa Rica and is ranked one of the Top Ten Dental Clinics in the World by Global Clinic Rating. However, GETAWAY DENTAL came in a close second, earning the title of Best Value Dental Clinic in Costa Rica.

GETAWAY DENTAL is not for everyone. If you are looking for a large clinic with lots of space and amenities, consider another clinic. GETAWAY DENTAL is a boutique clinic with five-star dental care and service but lacking some of the amenities of larger clinics that may have such as recovery rooms, lounge spaces, a large waiting area and more conveniences like a snack or coffee bar area. GETAWAY DENTAL is ideal for patients that value a smaller no-frills dental clinic environment, where the focus is on helping patients save money. This clinic has everything a leading dental clinic should have, without the extra perks, amenities and conveniences. The clinic is compact, but very modern and with top quality equipment and diagnostic tools. The clinic also has access to the finest radiology center in the nation. A nearby dental lab services their dental lab needs quickly and with a high success rate.  Patients report saving ten percent more than at other dental clinics in Costa Rica, without losing quality.

There are less expensive dental clinics in Costa Rica. However, many of these clinics reduce prices by reducing the quality of their materials or not employing specialists. The designation as Best Value Dental Clinic implies that GETAWAY DENTAL has been able to achieve lower prices, by reducing ancillary services while maintaining high quality care and materials. This is no small feat.

Some dental clinics in Costa Rica offer regular discounts and promotions. GETAWAY DENTAL offers low fixed pricing and does not offer discounts or promotions. Patients that meet minimum spending requirements may also qualify for a free airfare program and provides reimbursement up to $500 to help offset a patient’s airfare expenses.

Many Canadian patients, seeking affordable dental care in Costa Rica choose GETAWAY DENTAL to help offset their low currency valuations.  Patients that value clear, low pricing without the need to negotiate have found GETAWAY DENTAL to be a breath of fresh air.

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