Dental Implants: Eat What You Want Again

Dental Implants: Eat What You Want Again

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. However, tooth loss or dental pain can rob you of this pleasure. People with missing teeth have to limit themselves to the things they can easily chew, many times forfeiting their favorite treats. Tooth loss also means not being able to chew properly, which can lead to digestive problems, which in turn leads to reducing what you can eat even further.

There are a few solutions. Dentures and removable bridges can help, but they require special cleaning and maintenance, and in some cases, they don’t fit or don’t look natural. They also do not allow people to eat everything, as some foods or treats can cause complications. More than one person has felt mortified when their bridge or denture slipped out of place in public.

Dental Implants: A Rock-Solid  Solution

The only rock-solid solution—the solution that allows you to eat whatever you want again—are dental implants. Since they are permanent, they do not need to be taken out at night, nor do they require more cleaning than your regular teeth. Dental implants are as strong as your original teeth, so you can chew anything. You can pretty much forget about them once they’re in your mouth and live your life normally.

What’s the catch? The increasing cost of dental care in the United States makes dental implants almost impossible for most average Americans to afford. And as the trends show, the high cost of dental care in the USA doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. Fortunately, there’s a way around it. By traveling to Costa Rica, you can get the dental treatment you need; dental implants that will allow you to enjoy food and life again at prices that are 50% to 70% less than prices for dental care in the USA…even with hotel and plane ticket included.

Eat What You Want Again

There’s no need to live on a soft diet for the rest of your life when dental implants will allow you to eat most any food you like. There’s no need to cut up food in little pieces to make it easier for you to eat. Wouldn’t you love to be able to chew normally and without restriction, with your own teeth? Life is too short to go without the simple pleasure of eating, especially when there’s a cheaper way to get your teeth back. Isn’t it time that you get dental implants and go back to living a normal life?

In Costa Rica, we offer our patients high quality, affordable options in modern dental care. We don’t think the price should prohibit you from having a healthy, comfortable mouth with strong, stable, natural looking teeth. Its time to get your smile back again.

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