All Inclusive Packages for All on 4 in Costa Rica

All Inclusive Packages for All on 4 in Costa Rica

Americans love the idea of all-inclusive packages. As an American myself, I enjoy all-inclusive resorts… and as my growing waistline will attest, I adore all you can eat buffets. But recently, I have started to see more promotions for all-inclusive dental care. Is it for real?  And is it a good deal for patients? I set out to discover more about all-inclusive dental care deals in Costa Rica. (If you’re pressed for time, you can skip to the end of this article for my recommendation on the best All on 4 dental implants package in Costa Rica.)

On one website, we discovered a dentist that offers an all-inclusive dental care, transportation and accommodations package, with a complimentary day tour for two adults.  Sounds great right?

The All Inclusive All on 4 Package includes the following:

  • All-on-4: (Immediate Loading) Implants + Acrylic Denture/Prosthesis
  • Lodging (Comfortable Bed and Breakfast)
  • Transportation (Airport & Hotel)
  • Gift: Day-Tour x 2 to a National Park

Total Stay: 8 days including arrival day, procedure days and lab time with departure on the 9th day.

Total All-Inclusive Cost: $13,100.00 per arch

Seems like a great package for a great price…until you look closely at the details. In short, this package will apply to very few patients. For most patients, this package is not safe and the pricing is unrealistic. Not to mention, the accommodations are very spartan and would not appeal to most guests. We’ve managed to find an even better deal for you. Keep on reading.

Do Your Homework

Most patients do not understand the difference between traditional dental implants and immediate loading dental implants.  This distinction makes all the difference in safety and long-term patient satisfaction.  The clinic above is offering immediate loading dental implants.  Faster is better right?  Well, not when it comes to dental implants.

No reputable dental clinic can offer patients immediate loading dental implants until the patient arrives for surgery and the dentist can do a thorough examination.  Why? Dental implants require enough bone density to support a dental implant.  Most patients require 4-6 months of time after the implant has been placed for the implant to “osseointegrate” or fuse with the bone.  If there is insufficient bone density or the implant does not fuse with the bone correctly, the implant will be weak and will cause problems with the stability of the implant supported dentures or bridges.

Promising that all patients will be candidates for immediate-loading implants is tantamount to a “one size fits all” strategy.  When it comes to custom, personalized dental care, one size does not fit all.  As a patient, I would run quickly from any clinic that tells me (via email or telephone) that I can get immediate loading dental implants, before they have conducted a thorough oral examination.

What Happens if You are Not a Good Candidate for Immediate Loading Implants?

What happens to the patient who arrives for immediate loading dental implants but the dentist discovers that the patient is not a good candidate for the procedure?

Some dentists will place the implants and hope that the patient feels good enough to pay the bill and get on the airplane to go home.  The patient probably won’t notice the problem for months. Other, more ethical dentists will inform the patient of the problem and will advise the patient to select the traditional dental implants which will require a return visit in 4-6 months after the implants have fully fused to the bone.

At this point, the patient now realizes that the original estimate will cost much more than planned.  If the patient has enough money for the return trip…no problem.  However, if like many patients, they did not plan for the extra expenses, the patient may be left with few choices and will likely compromise either safety or quality.  This is the classic bait and switch.

Quality Titanium Dental Implants

Another question that many patients fail to ask relates to the materials used for the implants and implant supported fixed denture.  Are the implants from a recognized brand like Zimmer or Nobel BioCare, or are they generic implants?  The best clinics offer top dental implant brands and a lifetime dental implant guarantee that they put in writing.

Acrylic, Porcelain or Zirconia Bridges?

Will the implant supported fixed denture otherwise known as a fixed bridge, be made of acrylic, porcelain or zirconia?  The quality of your fixed denture is an important consideration.  The better the material, the longer your new teeth will last.  Don’t travel all the way to Costa Rica and then try to save money on cheap materials.  You will regret it. Eventually, you will need to replace poor quality dental work and you will spend far more than if you had chosen the best materials to start. The smart money is on Porcelain or zirconia bridges. Acrylic is less expensive, but this material has half the lifespan of porcelain or zirconia. The shorter the lifespan, the more frequently you will need to replace your prosthesis. In the end, the less expensive acrylic bridge will cost you more. It’s best to choose higher quality porcelain or zirconia. You’ll spend a little more, but you will add years of life to your dental care. (Please note that most clinics will provide temporary acrylic dentures while your implants heal and integrate into your jawbone. The most important consideration is that you choose porcelain or zirconia for your final, permanent fixed implant supported denture.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend that patients stay away from clinics that promise an immediate loading All on 4 solution. These packages inevitably lead many patients down the wrong path…oftentimes a costly wrong path. It’s great to save money. But saving money on risky dental care is not a deal any reasonable person should take. Traditional dental implants that take six months to heal are the safest and most durable solution. We see too many patients that have problems with immediate-loading implants and wish they had made a better choice.

I’ve met with hundreds of clinics and researched the best all on 4 dental implants package in Costa Rica. While there are many above-average dental clinics, the best all on 4 dental implants package is offered by Goodness Dental in Escazu, Costa Rica, a suburb of the capital city of San Jose. This clinic is ADA compliant and has a long track record of providing safe, quality care to international patients.  This clinic is also ranked as one of the top ten dental clinics in the world by Global Clinic Rating. These things matter.

Best All on 4 Dental Implants Package in Costa Rica: ZIRCONIA Bridge

All appointments ad examinations are included!

Stage 1: (7-10 Business Days)

  • All on 4 Dental Implants: (Titanium Zimmer Brand Implants & Fixed Acrylic Temporary Bridge: $10,650.00 USD/per arch: Lifetime Guarantee on Dental Implants
  • Accommodations for two at Villas del Rio Apartment Hotel: Free Daily Breakfast, Free WIFI: $770-$1100 (Approximate: $110 per night)
  • Free Private Airport Pickup
  • Free Daily Transportation from Hotel to Goodness Dental
  • Free Half-Day San Jose City Tour or Doka, Grecia and Sarchi (Oxcart Factory) Tour
  • Free Patient Concierge Service
  • Free Gourmet Coffee Bar & Snacks at Goodness Dental
  • Includes All X-rays & CT Scans at Goodness Dental Onsite Radiology Department
  • Free Nightguard

Stage 2: (10-14 Business Days)

  • Final Prosthesis: Fixed Zirconia Bridge
  • Accommodations for two at Villas del Rio Apartment Hotel: Free Daily Breakfast, Free WIFI: $1100-$1540 (Approximate: $110 per night)
  • Free Private Airport Pickup
  • Free Daily Transportation from Hotel to Goodness Dental
  • Free Two Nights Accommodations at Private Vacation Villa:
  • Free Patient Gift: (Coffee or T-shirt)
  • Free Patient Concierge Service
  • Free Gourmet Coffee Bar & Snacks at Goodness Dental
  • Includes All X-rays & CT Scans at Goodness Dental Onsite Radiology Department
  • Free Nightguard

Total: $12,500.00 to $13,500.00 per arch (plus taxes) (Package pricing is based on two arches and varies by the length of stay. Increased length of stay will increase package pricing by $110 per night.)

Please keep in mind that this package does not include other unforeseen costs that vary by patient need. We have added a few possible needs with approximate pricing:

  • Medications: $100
  • Bone Grafts: $350 per graft
  • IV Conscious Sedation: $750
  • Sinus Lift: $1250 to $1750
  • Hybrid Bridges, Additional Implants or Porcelain or Porcelain Fused to Metal Prosthesis will increase final cost.
  • Taxes are additional

Please call a team member at Goodness Dental at 866-406-2744 or 866-218-1036 for the most recent promotions. Please use Code CRDG to get this special promotion. These promotions and pricing are subject to change.

At Costa Rica Dental Guide, we receive hundreds of emails every week from patients looking for the best dental care deals in Costa Rica.  We do our best to help patients find safe, affordable care.  While most patients make good choices, and opt for reputable, experienced dentists; some patients are lured by the lowest prices and lose sight of safety and quality.  While the patient may be initially satisfied with the dental experience, many problems occur months later, after warranties have expired.

Costa Rica has many wonderful dentists and good dental clinics. However, there are many clinics of which you should be aware. They give the good clinics a bad name. They post fake patient reviews and claim to be specialists when they are only general dentists. We are here to help.

If you need help finding the best dental clinic for your needs, please fill out the form on this page. Our dental professionals will review your case and provide you with a recommendation for safe, affordable care.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable dental vacation in Costa Rica.