Costa Rica has some of the best, most experienced dentists in the world. Due to the popularity of Costa Rica as a dental tourism destination, many of the best dentists in Costa Rica have extraordinary experience with some of the most complex dental procedures, such as dental implants, full mouth restorations, orthognathic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry and more.

Dentists in Costa Rica are better because they get lots of practice. In the USA, the average dental surgeon or periodontist places 20-30 dental implants per month. In Costa Rica, dental surgeons in some of the leading dental clinics place 150-200 implants per month. Patients benefit from doctors that have more experience and keep up with the latest research and protocols. Our goal is to help connect dental tourism patients with the leading dental clinics and specialists in Costa Rica.

With this goal in mind, we have surveyed industry leaders, researched doctor credentials, conducted patient interviews and investigated the leading dental specialists in Costa Rica to create our 2023 Best Dentists in Costa Rica list. You may contact any of these top-rated specialists with complete confidence.

Best Prosthodontists in Costa Rica

  • 1. Andres Brenes: Goodness Dental
  • 2. Daniel Alfaro: Goodness Dental
  • 3. Jorge Santamaria: GETAWAY Dental
  • 4. Evelyn Loaiza Azofeifa: L&M Dental
  • 5. Miguel Alfaro Cantón: Clínica Dental de Especialidades
  • 6. Eduardo Leiva Calderón: Costa Rica Dent-All Health
  • 7. Mariano Kriebel: Kriebel Dental
  • 8. Pablo Guzman Arias: Integra Grupo Dental
  • 9. Tatiana Vargas: Dental Art Costa Rica

Best Maxillofacial Surgeons in Costa Rica

  • 1. Alejandro Sáenz: Goodness Dental
  • 2. Andrés González Madriz: Goodness Dental
  • 3. Oscar Arango Pietersz: Clínica de Ortodoncia Zapote
  • 4. Daniel Fernández Trujillo: Hospital Clinica Biblica
  • 5. Erick Rivera: Hospital La Catolica
  • 6. Allan Vargas: Hospital Mexico
  • 7. José Solano Castro: Costa Rica Dent-All Health
  • 8. Luis Alvarez: Ortocenter
  • 9. Juan Jose Hernandez Herrera: Dental Costa Rica

Best Endodontists in Costa Rica

  • 1. Mauricio Madrigal: Goodness Dental
  • 2. José Pablo Meneses Guzmán: L & M Dental
  • 3. Lorena León Bratti: Clinica Dental de Especialistas
  • 4. Ana Lucía Pérez Clare: Alpha Dental Care/Williams Dental
  • 5. Gustavo Brenes Dittel: Clínica de Endodoncia Dr. Gustavo Brenes Dittel
  • 6. Marco Vinicio Aguilar Mora: Clínica de Especialidades Dentales Dra. Jenny Mora
  • 7. Antonieta Muñoz Solíz: Dra. Muñoz: Especialidades Odontológicas
  • 8. Roberto Cob Sánchez
  • 9. Rodolfo Zeledón Mayorga

Best Dental Implant Specialists in Costa Rica

  • 1. Daniel Alfaro: Goodness Dental
  • 2. Juan Carlos González Abaunza: Clinica Odomed
  • 3: Dr. Jairo Vargas Martínez: Plaza Medica del Este