Lumineers in Costa Rica

Lumineers are a modern way of getting dental veneers and preserving the tooth structure. This modern addition for cosmetic dentistry is an exclusive product of the DenMat Lab.

Lumineers are a very thin type of a porcelain dental veneer, comparable in thickness to a contact lens. The approximate thickness for this type of veneer is of 0.2mm although it may vary according to each case.

A dental veneer is a highly polished layer of porcelain or composite that is bonded to the surface of the front teeth, to improve aesthetics. They deliver great results when teeth appear stained, worn or chipped, with structural defects or in unflattering positions. Lumineers can also fix all of these conditions when the patient’s case allows it.

It is possible to remove Lumineers , and the teeth will look just like before.

How does it work?

The method for a common veneer is to grind down the enamel surface (outer white layer of teeth), to make space for the veneer to be placed. Anesthesia is commonly needed for this part of the procedure. The veneer is built in a dental laboratory, and on a further appointment, after a few aesthetic checks, it is finally bonded.

Lumineers allow the patient to keep the front teeth intact or slightly ground down. A mold of the teeth is taken, and a bite relationship is recorded. This is enough to send the case to the dental laboratory where the lumineers will be built.

On a second appointment, lumineers are bonded to the surface of teeth. For any bonding process, the tooth surfaces are etched with acid. In some cases, this may add to developing dental sensitivity after an extensive tooth grind down. However, because there is minimal to no tooth reduction, sensitivity is unlikely to occur when using lumineers.

The bite is checked to ensure the lumineers will not chip or crack once the patient begins to eat, and talk. They may last up to 20 years in great condition when proper dental care is taken.

It is important to brush and floss normally, as well as visit the dentist every 6 months and avoid biting on hard objects.


The dentist responsible for placing Lumineers must be certified. In the United States, the price range for one Lumineer varies between $1200 to $2000. In Costa Rica the price is around $400.

If you are interested in getting Lumineers in Costa Rica, please fill out the “Help me find a Dentist!” form and a participating dental specialist will contact you to discuss your case.