Having Your Teeth Whitened in Costa Rica

Teeth Whitening

Dental care is expensive and people who need treatment in the United States often go without it because they can’t afford it. When they can, they obviously go for treatment that restores the natural functions of the mouth, and very seldom do they opt to have cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening.

However, with the advent of dental tourism in Costa Rica, more and more Americans are able to get the dental care they need to restore lost speech and chew functionality AND get their teeth whitening at the same time, all with the same level of quality and service that they’d get from dentists in the USA.

How Teeth Whitening Is Done

Like any dental procedure, whitening requires an evaluation from the dentist that will help him or her decide if the patient is a candidate and the scope of the work. More specifically, the dentist will evaluate the state of teeth and the gums. Some x-rays may be needed if the dentist suspects there is tooth damage (which will disqualify you for teeth whitening until the problem is addressed). If there is suspicion of allergies or if the patient has had specific conditions on his or her medical history, further tests may be needed.

The gums are covered to protect them from the bleaching substance, typically hydrogen peroxide, since they may suffer burning if they come in contact with it. The bleaching is applied directly to the teeth. Depending on the level of discoloration of the teeth and the desired result, more than one session may be needed.

After the procedure, you won’t be able to ingest some specific drinks or foods, such as cola, sodas, energy drinks, juice, black tea, sugary sweets, and alcohol. You will also not be able to smoke, as smoking may ruin the procedure.

Since your teeth are an important part of your face, teeth whitening goes a long way to improving your self-image and making you feel more confident about smiling and laughing in public. There are definitely psychological benefits from the procedure.

If you are planning to come to Costa Rica to get your dental work, you might want to consider getting your teeth whitened as well, and take advantage of the good prices, quality service and natural beauty of Costa Rica.