Dental Implants Are Proven Possible For Patients Suffering From Osteoporosis

Dental Implants Are Proven Possible For Patients Suffering From Osteoporosis

Getting dental implants in the USA is expensive, but for patients with osteoporosis, saving for the procedure may be pointless. Some dentists tell patients with osteoporosis that they will never be able to have dental implants.

Many with osteoporosis believe that their condition, which results in a deterioration of their bone structure, will disqualify them from being candidates for dental implants. While an increasing number of Americans travel to Costa Rica for affordable dental treatment, those with osteoporosis stay home and settle for less desirable solutions.

You May Be a Candidate for Dental Implants

The good news is that advancements in the field of dentistry now allow patients with osteoporosis to consider dental implants.

Dental implants are popular because they work exactly like natural teeth. They are drilled into the jawbone, and after a period of 3 to 5 months, they fuse with it. It’s this fusion process that makes them strong and stable. After that, a crown is placed securely atop the implant.

Because osteoporosis degrades bone, in the past it was considered a condition that prevented one from getting implants. The belief was that the fusion would wear off and the implant would become loose, creating all sorts of dental complications.

However, new studies show that many osteoporosis patients might qualify for the treatment. As expected, they would need more extensive planning and testing. Dentists would modify the form of the implant and use a larger implant diameter. This would allow the implant to need less bone structure. Finally, the implant would need some surface treatment in order to fuse better with the jawbone.

Affordable Dental Care in Costa Rica

In other words, more extensive testing might mean that patients with osteoporosis can go back to chewing and smiling naturally again. As long as their dental implants are specially adapted for their needs, it will be successful.

While more testing and adjustments usually translate to a higher price tag, patients in the US can always obtain a far better value just by taking a plane to Costa Rica, where dental care is affordable, safe, and conducted under the same dental quality standards that American dentists and clinics are regulated by.

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