Full Mouth Restorations: Restoring More Than Your Ability to Chew

Full mouth reconstructions (also called full mouth restorations) are a complex series of dental procedures typically used for people who have lost all or almost all of their teeth. One of the primary purposes of full mouth reconstruction is to restore a patient’s lost chewing ability.

Nevertheless, a full mouth restoration also carries significant psychological benefits for the patient. These benefits should be considered as part of the overall value of this dental work. There are dramatic difference in prices for full mouth restorations, with pricing often predicated on where you live. The US and Canada have some of the highest prices in the world. There are significantly more affordable high-quality options in Costa Rica.

Many patients report a drastic increase in their self-esteem after a full mouth restoration. Of course, since teeth are an important feature of the face, any patient that goes from no teeth to restored teeth will look better and this is a major factor in the positive outcomes people report. People feel better because they look better.

In addition to being able to eat nearly any type of food—a happy result of having strong new teeth that are permanently affixed to implants that have become integrated into the bone of the jaw, a patient typically smiles much more. Part of it is because the patient is genuinely happy and tends to be less self-conscious. This creates a positive cycle as other people tend to compliment the patient on his or her new smile making the patient feel happier and smile more.

Being able to chew also allows the patient to eat a much wider variety of food to achieve a more balanced diet and better general nutrition. In the long run, full mouth restoration patients will feel better and their bodies will tend to be healthier.

The social life of those with full mouth restorations is also improved. As the patient stops being self conscious about his or her smile, he or she is able to feel at ease in social situations. When they lost their teeth, many patients stopped or reduced their social lives out of embarrassment. When they recover their smile through a full mouth restoration, they begin to recover their social life as well.

All of these benefits tend to improve patient health and confidence. As a result, after receiving a full mouth restoration, many patients tend to embark on new projects, trips, adventures, dates, etc.

Total mouth restorations involve a few procedures and some time, but for most patients, they are worth the time and the trouble, especially when they are achieved at affordable prices with the assistance of highly qualified dental specialists such as those with Goodness Dental.

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