What are Hybrid Over Dentures?

Hybrid Over Dentures

Over dentures are prosthetic teeth manufactured to fit over remaining natural teeth or, if necessary, implants. The support for the over denture comes from the roots of natural teeth or the implants. The hybrid over denture is generally used when most, if not all, of the natural teeth are missing.

Dentists also recommend hybrid over dentures when there is a high level of jaw bone loss and the patient cannot support a full denture. Hybrids are manufactured from acrylic with a titanium bar or stud fixing. They are called hybrids because they are a combination of fixed teeth or implants and a removable over denture.

When a hybrid over denture is used on teeth, these are subjected to root canal treatment and are reshaped so that the over denture can be fitted to them. Metal caps, or copings, cover these teeth, to avoid erosion of the natural tooth.

When a hybrid over denture is used on implants, the dentist inserts between 4 and 6 implants into the jawbone. The dentist also inserts connectors into the over denture, using these to fix it to the implants after they have properly healed.

There are 2 types of hybrid over denture – one that can be removed easily and one that is fixed and can only be removed by the dentist. The fixed type is the most commonly used type of hybrid over denture.

When designing a hybrid over denture, the dentist ensures that it doesn’t cover the palate. This makes it easier to clean. However, it is strongly recommended to visit your dentist at least twice a year so that the over denture can be removed and cleaned professionally.

Hybrid over dentures offer more stability than ordinary dentures. This is due to the support of the natural teeth or implants used in the procedure. This support prevents them from getting loose when the patient is eating or talking. As a result, the patient feels much more confident when talking or chewing in public.

Hybrid over dentures look as natural as natural teeth and can even restore the form of the face in cases where the bone loss in the jaw is extensive. They are also far more comfortable than regular dentures.

Regardless of whether the hybrid over denture is going to be used on natural teeth or on implants, the entire procedure is going to take several visits. Using the implant option requires that full impressions of the mouth and bite are be taken before inserting the implants. These impressions form the basis of the model for the acrylic over denture. The titanium bar or screw fixings are inserted and hidden in the base of the acrylic over denture.

Hybrid over dentures have become one of the most commonly used type of over denture. This is because they are more versatile, resistant to wear, and comfortable. They also have a high degree of stability. They also have a natural look, which is a requirement in almost every dentistry solution these days.

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