7 Essential Tips to Find the Best Dentist in Costa Rica

7 Essential Tips to Find the Best Dentist in Costa Rica

One of the most important traits that make humans different from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to speak. Our teeth have a massive role in the pronunciation of various letters and sounds. These are commonly known as dental tones. For example, you cannot say “Teeth” without your teeth. Try saying the letters of the English alphabet without the contact of your tongue and teeth. It’s impossible. Your pearly whites are not only important for flashing that beautiful smile. We need them to talk, eat, and to keep us healthy. Good dentists check for signs of cancer in your mouth, making dental care a potential life saver as well.  

Untreated cavities, bad breath, stained teeth, and a dull smile are a few issues that almost everyone seems to experience at least once in their lifetime. We keep hearing about having a balanced diet to stay healthy. But most of us seem to neglect the practices for maintaining good dental health. The experts in the field say that eating anything at more than five different times a day causes acidity in our mouth leading to tooth decay. But our modern lifestyle allows us to eat anything, anywhere and at any time.

For many of us who avoid routine dental care, the onset of dental problems can be sudden. In fact, we may be altogether unaware of any dental issues until we experience the unmistakable and unbearable pain that comes from dental problems. Finding a dentist seems to be our first hurdle. We start by asking our family members, friends, and neighbors. We even get referrals from known doctors. Then we consider the insurance factors. Considering that more than fifty percent of all Americans do not have dental insurance, more and more patients are seeking dental care in affordable dental tourism destinations like Costa Rica. Following are some common points to bear in mind while finding a dentist in Costa Rica.

1. Choose an Artistic Dentist

Dentists are like sculptors and painters. Our mouth and teeth have a complex structure. They not only need to have the right shape but the right color and shade too. The best cosmetic dentists in Costa Rica have a detailed understanding of color, design, and structure. It is a must-have quality, especially in the field of dentistry for adults. Unlike children, a structural change is permanent for adults, Adults are also more conscious of their looks. Make sure that your chosen prosthodontist is a true artist. Patient reviews will tell you all you need to know.

2. Good Manual Dexterity Matters

Dentists work in a small place inside our mouth. They need to handle tools properly to get the best results. So, they need excellent motor skills. Their fingers need to coordinate well and not be shaky too. A slight stroke off the line, could change the shape of the mouth and face. Did you know that people with long fingers have great dexterity? Read patient reviews and listen to what the patient’s say about the dentist and their skills. This is a good way to learn if your dentist in Costa Rica has good manual dexterity.

3. Communication is Critical

Not many people like going to a dentist. If you’re looking at choosing a dentist in Costa Rica, this adds an additional level of concern when it comes to language. It’s the dentist’s responsibility to make you comfortable. It’s important to find a dentist that is fluent in English. Your dentist should be able to explain all the symptoms and address your concerns. The dentist should also give detailed information on the various treatment procedures available. The dentists and clinics recommended by Costa Rica Dental Guide speak fluent English and are among the most talented specialists in the nation. They take pride in communication and will make you feel like the center of their world. This is what you want in a Costa Rica dental team.

4. Gentle, Kind & Patient

It is not easy for people to have their mouth wide open and sit in front of a dentist. Moreover, dental procedures take a long time, and the dentist must be very careful while working. Some dentists are simply gentler than others. They know how it feels to be a patient and they want their patients to be comfortable and pain-free. We’ve all heard stories about people who have had bad experiences at the dentist. Perhaps you have had a bad dental experience. The dentists preferred by Costa Rica Dental Guide are naturally kind and predisposed to help their patients feel cared for and truly comfortable.  

5. Tech-savvy

Dental care is a field of rapid changes in terms of technology. Modern dentistry uses a lot of tools. These tools not only save time but also improve results while reducing patient pain.

The best dentists and dental clinics often have the best technology. It’s hard to be the best while using outdated equipment in a shabby dental clinic. The best dentists in Costa Rica are committed to constant advancement and learning. They invest in themselves, their skills and the quality of their clinic and technology. They want to be the best and they want their patients to have the best. These are the kinds of dentists and clinics that we recommend at Costa Rica Dental Guide. The dentists we recommend are passionate about their work and are committed to professional advancement and improvement. Our preferred clinics have the most advanced technology and are at the forefront of pain-free dentistry.

6. Detail-Oriented

When it comes to finding a dentist in Costa Rica, it is important to select a specialist that is detail oriented. A good specialist will take the time to get to know your needs and become familiar with your case.  A good specialist will take his time with you and will help you understand the details that matter. The dentist should be able to identify small problems that are easy to miss and rectify them. Your chosen dentist should make you understand the consequences of negligence and provide appropriate treatments and medications.

7. Kind & Caring

One of the most important factors when choosing a dentist is compassion. The best dentists in Costa Ria are happy and feel rewarded by helping others. They feel close to their patients and it shows in the review patients leave for their doctors. Clinics that have the most reviews are often the best clinics. They want their patients to tell others about their experience and they work hard to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care. Choosing a dental clinic in Costa Rica that values kindness and compassion over money is essential for your satisfaction.

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