Computer Guided Implant SurgeryGuided dental implant surgery is a computer guided technology that uses digital CT Scans enhanced with special software to permits the dental surgeon to see every angle and plan an exact procedure for placing dental implants within the patient’s mouth.

With this process of guided implant surgery, dental surgeons create a precise surgery plan, identifying the best locations to make incisions and determine the best path to the implant area.

Because this process allows surgeons to see the human mouth in real-time 3D, they can avoid “hard-to-detect” problem areas, minimizing patient pain and surgery time.

Surgery has always had risks. New guided dental surgery technologies allow surgeons to plan in advance for possible complications and help remove many of the risks associated with dental implant procedures.

Dental implants are a permanent solution, providing strong new foundations to support teeth that will last a lifetime. Guided implant surgery is the most effective and efficient way to receive dental implants.

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