Oral & Maxillofacial surgery refers to any surgery that involves the jaw and the face. In dentistry, oral & maxillofacial surgery involves a number of dental procedures. Each procedure is planned to address the unique needs of each patient. The type of surgery, the length of the surgery, the length of the recovery from the surgery, and the preparation for the surgery will vary accordingly. The most common oral & maxillofacial surgery performed in dentistry are: • Tooth extractions • Dental implants • All-on-4 solutions • All-on-6 solutions • All-on-8 solutions • Bone grafts • Maxillary Osteotomy • Mandibular Osteotomy • Geniotomy Chin Repositioning Surgery Before undergoing surgery, you should talk with a qualified maxillofacial surgeon who will perform the surgery. You should understand why the procedure needs to be done, what the objective of the surgery is, and what exactly will happen during the surgery. In addition, you should ask your maxillofacial surgeon how to prepare for the surgery and how long it will take you to fully recover. It is a good idea to inform the surgeon of any medications you are currently taking or any health conditions you may have, as they can interfere with the surgery.

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All-On-Four Costa Rica is a US-style dental facility who provides exceptional care by formally trained and experienced specialists in the many areas of dental care described by the American Dental Association.

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“I am a surgeon who enjoys my job, i am rigorous in the quality i give. I have an excellent relationship with my patients and other colleagues in the professional, private, public hospital and university fields. I also devote time to sport,…

Pura Vida Medical was created to help everyone who needs to rebuild their confidence, and self-esteem one smile at a time. We understand what it’s like to not be able to show a simple expression like a smile due to your dental conditions. Well…