Advances in technology have made endodontics / root canals pain free, or nearly so. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the cost. Root canals, and the tooth restoration that follows, are expensive. Before addressing the question in the title, let us explain a bit what a root canal is and how it is done these days. While endodontics / root canals is a standard procedure, it’s often a costly one. It typically costs approximately $1,000. This doesn’t include extras, such as x-rays or painkillers. Most importantly, this amount doesn’t cover the reconstruction of the tooth. A crown can add $1,500 or more to the price. Moreover, there are other factors that can raise endodontics / root canals prices even higher: the specific dentist, the prices in the area where you live, the position of the tooth and how difficult it is to reach it, teeth with root canals whose forms are atypical, etc.

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Dr. Deisy Banda’s clinic in Alajuela – situated in Costa Rica’s central valley – provides high-quality general dental services at affordable prices to visiting US and Canadian patients. Since 2003 our friendly and caring team have been delivering…