Prosthodontic Procedures

While prosthodontics is often associated with treating patients who have suffered a severe loss of teeth due to diseases or accidents, the simple truth is that the overwhelming majority of prosthodontics cases are simple procedures. In fact, you’re probably familiar with many of them. Here are the most common procedures used in prosthodontics: Bridges Bridges […]

The Price of Dental Care in Costa Rica Compared to Dental Pricing in the USA

Equal Quality with a Different Cost If you’re from the USA and you’re visiting this website, you’ve probably discovered that dental care is outrageously expensive in the USA.  As a dentist from the USA, I had my doubts about the quality of care in Costa Rica. I did my homework. Here’s what I discovered. In Costa Rica, […]

Smiles Guaranteed at Costa Rica’s Sonria Dental Boutique

A smile is the universal welcome. One way of perfecting that smile is giving Sonria Dental Boutique a visit. Located at one of the most accessible parts of Costa Rica, Sonria takes care of not only your dental problems but your overall well-being during the procedure as well. Sonria provides some of the best dental […]