Getting a perfect smile is an investment in yourself.  With Damon braces, you get more than straight teeth — they change the underlying bone structure of the jaw in a hugely positive way.  A Damon doctor will take into account your unique facial proportions when aligning your teeth, bite and smile.  And after treatment, you’ll have a spectacular smile that goes well beyond just straight teeth, and you’ll have benefited from fast and comfortable treatment.

A nice smile is not only beautiful, it also promotes good health:

  • Straight and evenly spaced teeth are easier to keep clean, resulting in better oral health.
  • Properly aligned teeth chew more efficiently, which may help digestion.
  • Aligned teeth create a better bite, which may reduce stress, headaches, and strain on your supporting bone and tissue.

There are two types of Damon braces:   1) Metal, made of either stainless steel or polycarbonate, and 2) Clear, made of ceramic.  The nearly invisible Clear braces are usually used on the upper front teeth and metal on the upper back and lower arch.  The archwires used with the Damon system come in varying sizes and materials (copper, nickel and titanium alloy), as well as a nickel-free material.  Treatment begins with very light wires, and as the arches round out and the teeth level, successively thicker wires are placed when they may be passively placed in the brackets.

The brackets are attached to the teeth with a strong and reliable patented method of bonding — a laser-etched pad, providing more alternatives for customization.

Damon braces look like traditional braces at first glance but these braces use a very different type of technology, with self-ligating brackets.  These can be either active or passive; Damon braces are the passive variety.  They work by using a sliding mechanism which allows the archwire to move in response to your teeth.  To hold the wires in place, the Damon System uses small sliding doors that when closed, do not exert any pressure on the archwire.  The addition of ‘stops’ on the wires helps prevent the wire from becoming displaced from its intended location.  Because of the increased flexibility of the self-ligating brace, it exerts less pressure on individual teeth, and this means less frequent adjustments.

The Damon system produces faster results because the teeth can move on their own without needing to be adjusted, which reduces friction because there is no need for the elastic bands or metal ties used with traditional braces.  Two other ways they differ from traditional braces is that the wires are lighter, and use unique shape-memory technology, allowing teeth to move faster and with fewer adjustments.  The third way is that they do not require a palate expander or tooth removal.  Because the shape of the palate doesn’t need to be altered, the smiles created with Damon braces have a more natural and aesthetically pleasing shape.  They widen your arches, ensuring a proper shape, giving a fuller, more pleasing smile than traditional braces.

A narrow arch can lead a range of problems like breathing difficulty, snoring, and mouth breathing at night which leads to poor dental health.  Narrow arches create larger dark spaces called the buccal corridor in the corners of your mouth when you smile. Smaller buccal corridors result in a younger more attractive smile.

To recap, Damon braces have several advantages over traditional braces, including:

  • Appearance:  Clear brackets minimize visibility.
  • No extractions needed:  Keeps a better jaw shape.
  • Faster treatment time:  In some cases 7.2 months earlier than with traditional braces.
  • Fewer dental visits:  nearly half as many as traditional that need to be adjusted manually.
  • Less pressure on the teeth, resulting in less pain.
  • Less friction:  avoiding erosion and deterioration of the teeth.
  • Easier to clean:  Fewer places for plaque and bacteria to accumulate.
  • More effective at correcting severe crowding,
  • More comfortable and have a lower relapse rate.
  • No need to worry about lost, misplaced or forgotten removable aligners.
  • No speech impediment some experience with removable aligners.

The Damon System is a good option for both kids and adults. More and more adults are choosing braces to improve their appearance, and Damon brackets are currently enjoying a wave of popularity with orthodontists because it’s a gentler treatment, and fewer dental visits are needed.

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