Prevention and early detection are the cornerstones of good health, whether it’s your dental health or your overall health. The health of the mouth is intrinsically linked to the body. Dentists are the doctor of the mouth: Your dentist is trained to identify early signs of disease in the mouth that could relate to other health issues such as diabetes. Dental exams also play a significant role in the early detection of oral cancer. Dental exams by a dentist plays a key role in maintaining good oral health. Many dental problems such as cavities, gum disease and oral cancer, don’t become visible or cause pain until they are in more advanced stages. Identifying any early signs of dental disease can prevent small problems from becoming big ones, and provide you with more and better treatment options. When a new international patient visiting Costa Rica sits in a dental chair for the first time, they might be in for a nice surprise — the video being broadcast on the overhead television screen is being taken by an intraoral camera (small, handheld cameras with their own light source) from inside their own mouth. These cameras are advanced dental tools that can be used at virtually any angle inside the mouth, giving highly detailed images that offer a precise magnified view of cracks, cavities, misalignments, bacterial plaque, and other dental issues. Not only does the dentist have a super high-resolution view, the patient can see what the dentist is seeing! This allows the dentist to be more effective with a patient, who no longer must use their imagination — now they can see what’s going on as the dentist explains through the dental exams.

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