Looking for affordable Dental Care?

Consider Dental Tourism

The internet is filled with all kinds of offers for dental tourism to destinations all over the world, but you need to be careful when choosing and make sure that you do your research. Just about everyone that is looking for dental choices on the internet is doing so because of the high cost at their local dentist. Since dental care in US as well as in Western Europe is extremely expensive, people will continue to choose dental tourism especially when they need cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

People want high-quality dental care, but at affordable prices. As long as it continues to cost $3,500 per implant in the US, people will surely continue to seek and choose countries overseas where they can get the exact same procedure done for half the price. Dental insurance is not the solution either. Firstly, it is estimated that over 130 million Americans do not have any form of dental insurance. Secondly, dental insurance generally covers only the most basic care and is often capped at about $3000.

That would not cover the cost of a single implant with its crown in the US, but in other countries it might be enough for two complete implants with crowns. These simple and obvious points make it almost a no-brainer to consider dental tourism if you need dental work costing more than $2000 to $3000. But where to go is the next question. Dental patients are also looking at other places too. Many Canadians are choosing Costa Rica to both have a great time and to get substantial saving of 70% off of US pricing, while many Europeans are traveling to eastern Europe to countries like Hungary and Poland to do the same.

Others go east to Asia and find great saving in countries like Thailand, though most dental tourism in that region is local like in Europe. When choosing you foreign dental provider, do your research and read plenty of reviews written by genuine patients that discuss the dentist, the dental clinic and the location. Once you have zeroed in on a few choices, contact them by email, Skype or a phone call, many have Toll Free US numbers. When you speak with them, be sure to ask all the questions that you have on your mind relating to both you case, your health to travel and about the dentist. Once you are comfortable with what you’ve seen and heard, pack your bags to an affordable new smile.