Discover Advanced Dental Technology with Intraoral Dental Cameras

Discover Advanced Dental Technology with Intraoral Dental Cameras

When a new international patient visiting Costa Rica sits in a dental chair for the first time, they are often impressed with the advanced dental technology. The video being broadcast on the overhead television screen is being taken by an intraoral camera from inside their own mouth.

Traditionally, dental visits start with the analysis of a patient’s teeth and oral structure. In many dental clinics, this is done visually. However, visual inspection is far from perfect, as many small details could escape the dentist’s eyes.

In Costa Rica today, many dentists and dental clinics serving international patients are equipped with intraoral cameras. Intraoral cameras are small, handheld cameras with their own light source, that can be used at virtually any angle inside the mouth.

Intraoral cameras take highly detailed images that offer a detailed view of dental problems. They can see cracks, cavities, misalignments, bacterial plaque, and other dental issues. Not only does the dentist have a super high-resolution view, the patient can see what the dentist is seeing!

Advanced Dental Technology Allows for Better Diagnosis

Dentists use these advanced dental images to evaluate the damage to the tooth and to present the available options to the patient. The on-screen view allows a patient to actually see what’s going on in order to make an informed decision about the options for solving the problem.

“Our international patients are sophisticated. They are looking for excellence in dental care, not just affordable prices. Clinics in Costa Rica know that and are investing in advanced dental technology. Intraoral cameras are a natural choice for dental clinics. They offer a high degree of detail, ease of use, functionality, and practicality. All this makes them one of the basic tools in our clinic in Costa Rica.”

Images from intraoral exams allow you to better understand and participate more fully in your own dental care.  Watching the screen is a dream come true for patients seeking complete understanding.

For dentists, intraoral cameras allow them to be more effective with their patients. They no longer have to explain everything while leaving the visuals up a patient’s imagination. Now they can simply show them what’s going on as they explain.

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