Fillings and Bondings in Costa Rica

Not all dental solutions and restorations have to be complex or invasive.

Fillings and bondings are some of the simplest dental solutions and dentists in Costa Rica are proficient in both of them.


A dental filling is a type of restorative material used to reconstruct a part or parts of a tooth that are missing. This loss typically results from caries (cavities). In some cases, the loss may result from trauma.

In minor tooth loss, the filling is prepared by the dentist and used on the tooth. The dentist molds the filling and makes adjustments in order to obtain a good bite.


  • Can be implemented in a single visit.
  • The material hardens before the patient leaves.
  • They are cheap solutions.

The main advantages of fillings are that they can be implemented in a single visit and that the material hardens before the patient leaves. Compared to other options, fillings are also cheap solutions. However, fillings do not provide the same strength as other solutions, so they are used only in very minor repairs. In cases of considerable tooth loss, a crown is used instead.

Fillings are made of a special type of dental resin. Unlike metallic amalgams and fillings from the past that used to be silver that eventually darkened, today’s fillings match the color of the teeth.


Bondings are also simple solutions to tooth damage. Like fillings, they are used only when the damage to the tooth is minor, for example, when a corner of the top of the tooth has been broken due to trauma. Bondings are also used to fill gaps between teeth, in cases where such a gap is very noticeable.

Like fillings, dental bondings are extremely convenient, since the dentist molds the material used on them in his or her office. There is no need to wait several days for a laboratory to prepare the bonding and send it to the dentist. A bonding is typically implemented in one visit.

Only a dentist can evaluate if a filling or a bonding are appropriate to repair your tooth loss. When the damage has been considerable or a high degree of strength is needed, other options, like a crown might be more appropriate.

Is it worth the trip to Costa Rica?

In general, it is not worth coming to Costa Rica for a simple filling or a bonding. However, if you need other types of dental care, such as a root canal, a crown, a bridge, or an implant, you can take advantage of the trip and get the fillings or bondings you need to improve your smile aesthetics.

The easiest way to discover the advantage a Costa Rica Dental Guide listed dentist may offer you is to fill out the form and get connected with a participating dentist in Costa Rica. You will soon have all the information you need to evaluate whether a trip to Costa Rica makes sense for you.

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