Dental Care in Costa Rica

How Realistic is it to Get Dental Care in Costa Rica?

You probably have heard that many Americans are going to Costa Rica to obtain the dental care they need. However, for some, that is still a strange idea. After all, you’d have to go to another country and stay in a hotel. Isn’t it more trouble than it’s worth? With the cost of the flight, the accommodations, the meals, do you really come out ahead? More importantly, even with savings, what about the quality? Is the risk worth it?

Dental Health

Let’s start with the most important thing first: your dental health. Regardless of price, when it comes to your teeth, you should not settle for anything less than the best. The state of your teeth affect the way you eat, the way you speak, the way you look, and therefore, the way you feel about yourself.

In Costa Rica, we know that quality always comes first, and that’s why we have the same equipment, materials, and standards that you’d expect in the United States, Canada, or Europe. Moreover, our dentists have received training in the best schools in Costa Rica and the United States. All of our listed dentists are fully bilingual and proficient in dental English, so there’s no risk of error due to language mistakes.


Dental SavingsRegarding price, the larger the scope of the dental procedure you need, the more economic sense it makes to have it done in Costa Rica. However, let’s take the example of a single dental implant used to replace one tooth. In the United States, the implant costs about $5,000 US. However, you still need to add the cost of the abutment (the top part of the implant), which is about $1,000 US. Then, the cost of the crown, which depending on the material can be up to $2,000 US or more. So, in total, you’d be paying $8,000 US. If you live in an expensive city, like New York or San Francisco, the price can easily go to double that amount.

In contrast, the total cost of the procedure in Costa Rica is about $2,500 US. But let’s say that you choose the best materials and that raises the price to about $5,000 US. Now, the airfare of a round trip to Costa Rica from New York is about $500 US if you get a good price. And let’s say that you spend $1,500 US on hotels and meals. You’d still be saving $1,000 US. Obviously, the real numbers may vary from case to case, depending on the needs of the patient, but you can see how it does save money.

You may think that $1,000 US is still not enough savings to make the trip. However, if you need or want any other dental procedure, then it becomes more and more feasible. For example, in addition to the implant, you may want to replace an old, ugly crown for a new one, or you might want to get a veneer, or you might want to have your teeth whitened, etc.

Or, you can do what many Americans do, use the savings to enjoy the beautiful sights and beaches of Costa Rica and have a dental vacation.

Whatever your dental needs, the Costa Rica Dental Guide can help you connect with a qualified dentist.