Americans Choose Costa Rican Dentists for Quality and Price

Many people think that dental tourism is motivated by price. They believe this explains the constant increase of the number of dental tourists that travel to Costa Rica every year.

Price is certainly a factor, but it’s neither the only one, nor the most important. What is driving American patients of Costa Rica is the quality of the service they get there.

How do we know that?

There are a few pointers. First of all, patients who need more work return to the same clinic. More often than not, they request service from the same dentist that worked on their teeth previously. This reflects a level of trust that they developed. They like the service and the results or otherwise, they would find another clinic. (No amount of savings would have people return if their experience had not been good.)

Also, traveling abroad for dental care is not a simple endeavor. From the point of view of a patient, it involves taking a risk. The fact that Americans return to the same dentists and clinics means that they have found that their perceived risk has gone down to virtually zero or at least the same level of perceived risk that they feel with their dentists in the United States.

Another indication of the satisfaction of American patients is that they often recommend their Costa Rican dentist to their friends and relatives. Frequently they bring members of their family even after their own treatments are completed.

Lastly, American patients are happy to talk about their experiences and give testimonials to their Costa Rican dentists. In turn, this relieves the anxiety of potential patients who are considering traveling to Costa Rica for dental care.

Finally, consider this: In the United States, when you are choosing a dentist to go to. Do you go to the cheapest dentist you can find? Or do you go to the dentist that you think will do the best job? Obviously, there are some dentists you can’t afford, but even when selecting a dentist who is within your budget, you still look for the one who will give you the best service.

Looking for a dentist in Costa Rica is no different. Costa Rican dentists deliver exactly the kind of experience you would want for yourself and for your family.

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