Mandibular Tori Surgery

Mandibular tori surgery is a rather uncommon oral surgery procedure, consisting of the removal of bone in the mouth. This surgery has proven to greatly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from this excess jaw bone. As with most oral surgery, the cost in the US may be prohibitively high, whereas a qualified and experience dentist in Costa Rica can often help more affordably.

The term mandibular tori is the plural form of mandibular torus. In simple terms, a mandibular torus is simply a bone that grows inside the mouth, typically between the lower premolars and the tongue. In most cases, the bone grows in both sides of the mouth, which is why most dentists refer to the issue as mandibular tori.

There are several factors that cause the growth of mandibular tori. While genetic disposition is one, mandibular tori is often present in cases where there is teeth grinding or clenching, a situation known among dentists as bruxism. Because of this, it is believed that stress is also a factor.

Fortunately, in most cases, mandibular tori is not a problem and doesn’t need any treatment. However, some patients may need to have their mandibular tori removed. This typically happens when the mandibular tori is an obstacle for performing dental procedures, such as dental implants, braces, or dentures. However, surgical removal of mandibular tori might also be used in cases of chronic pain or a bad bite.

Tori removal surgery isn’t complicated, although recovery can be slow. The dentist will typically use a local anesthetic and then reduce or remove the mandibular tori with special instruments. After the tori have been removed, the dentist will suture the area. Patients should expect to need at least one week for their initial recovery, at which point they need to go back for a post-evaluation. Total recovery will take three to four weeks, although a patient will be able to perform most of his usual activities during the recovery period.

As with any type of dental surgery, patients will need to talk with their dentists thoroughly before the procedure in order to understand it completely, prepare for it, and make their recovery as smooth and fast as possible. Your dentist will probably ask you to get some X-rays and other tests. You may need to change your diet or review any medication that you might be taking. If you smoke, you will need to stop smoking for a fixed period of time before the surgery, as smoking greatly increases the chance of infection.

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