Jim & Jan Rossing

On a scale of 5 stars, Dr. Jose Garita from ConfiDental Dentistry in San Jose, Costa Rica, deserves more than 10 stars. Between the two of us, we have been cared for by more than 6 different dentists in the United States. The best dental care was in Hastings, Minnesota, until we met Dr. Jose Garita. The equipment and the care, the variety of options and the methods used to block the pain were superior to anything we have experienced in the United States.

If you want, several levels of sedation are offered and practiced during one sitting. You can even get sedation for cleaning teeth. The sedation is done by a well educated anesthesiologist from a local hospital, and she should also get 10 stars for her knowledge and ability to completely block pain, without risk or threat to your life. Jim is 70 years old, (who is terrified of dentists) and had 9 teeth extracted and 4 implants placed into his jaw bone, all in one appointment. He could not believe this could be done with almost NO pain and the control of pain after the procedure. After his one visit to Dr. Jose Garita, he was happy to make his future appointments himself. Jim has had all of his lower teeth completely replaced with zirconia teeth. Half of his upper jaw he had replaced with zirconia bridges on implants, and the other half of the upper jaw were zirconia bridges on solid remaining teeth.

The lab technician is in the same building, and Dr. Garita, when needed, will bring the lab technician into his work area and show the technician what he wants accomplished, beyond the impressions that were taken. As much as we like our local dentist in Hastings MN, to keep our conscience clear, Dr. Garita has earned our utmost respect when it comes to investing in the latest equipment, advanced education, and partnering with an extremely knowledgeable anesthesiologist, Dr. Susana Quesada, and his concern for your quality of life, longevity of the dental work that he performs, and showing honest concern for your fears of dentistry and giving you the comfort, mentally and physically that you require.

When looking for a knowledgeable, painless, caring dental surgeon, look no further, … ConfiDental and Dr. Jose Garita is a real find!

When did you visit?
July 14, 2016

What procedure/s did you have done?
All on 4 Dental Implant, Dental Bridges, General Dentistry