Roger Larsen

My answer about traveling to Costa Rica for dental work has always been same: cost, competence, cleanliness, convenience and “extras.”

Cost – A major consideration when shopping for dental services, especially for those of us without dental insurance – prices in the US just seem to be risen without limit. Dental services in Costa Rica are about 30% to 50% of US prices.
Competence – After a lot of research I selected Dr. Jose Garita of ConfiDental Costa Rica. He’s all you can ask for in a dentist – well trained, very competent, caring, and personable. You never feel like a “number” in his practice, US patients are considered “priorities”. Jose is fluent in English. The equipment in Dr. Garita’s office is another “indicator” of the level of service you’ll receive there. It’s as modern as any I’ve seen in expensive US practices. Finally Dr. Garita’s staff, especially Margoth and Anita are caring as well, expert in their fields.
Cleanliness – Cleanliness is not an issue in Dr. Garita’s practice. It is clean! Safe!
Convenience – As a courtesy to his patients, Dr. Garita provides a taxi to and from the airport. Most taxi drivers are at least somewhat fluent in English.
The “Extras” are the fun part in Costa Rica. The area is rich with museums, with abundant natural attractions such as volcanoes and rain forests. We took a Zip Line tour through one of the parks that was nothing short of spectacular. Couple the exotic beauty of Costa Rica with the superb services of the skilled and personable Dr. Jose Garita, a hard to beat combination!
When did you visit?
May 16, 2013
What procedure/s did you have done?
Other Procedure