Do It Yourself Braces: The Most Expensive Way to Get Your Teeth Straightened

Do It Yourself Braces: The Most Expensive Way to Get Your Teeth Straightened

It should go without saying. It really should. If you need orthodontic treatment, you should go to a professional. Yes, that means a dentist, not yourself.

Many Americans have no dental insurance, and even those with insurance often find that they don’t cover “cosmetic dentistry” such as braces. But some Americans with a “can do” spirit are resorting to do their own “do-it-yourself” orthodontic treatments in order to get their teeth straightened. They use elastic floss, paper clips, rubber bands, or any sort of material they think will get them a line of perfectly aligned teeth.

These types of DIY braces are dangerous and will often result in damage to the teeth or the gums, and create issues that frequently require extensive professional intervention. So, while the idea of watching a YouTube video and following the simple do-it-yourself directions to get an impeccable smile for less than 20 dollars sounds attractive, the reality is that in the end, it’s going to cost more than the orthodontic treatment. For example, an American patient who tried to close a gap in his front teeth with rubber bands ended up losing both teeth and required expensive dental implants to replace both teeth. Dental replacements of that kind are more expensive than professional straightening, not to mention the pain and regret.

Invisalign dental solutions are much less expensive—even including travel to Costa Rica, than getting braces in the United States, and definitely a much more intelligent idea than doing your own dental procedures.

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