Better Healing with Platelet Therapy

Better Healing with Platelet Therapy

Use Your Own Healing Power to Heal with Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

Tooth loss and damage to the jaw bone and tissues are often challenging for your dentist during oral surgery or implant placement. The healing of the gums and oral tissues is difficult to control with consistency. New procedures and resources to improve oral healing focused on platelet therapy are being pioneered in Costa Rica.

Platelets are used extensively and constantly investigated in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The objective is to gather platelet growth factors and to inject them at the surgical site to stimulate the patient’s healing process. A technology called leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) allows for the preparation of robust fibrin membranes enriched with cells (activated platelets, leukocytes, circulating cells) and platelet growth factors to help dental patients heal faster.

Healing properties that promote recovery

This effective natural biomaterial is free of additives. No anticoagulant is used during the blood harvest. No chemicals are used for activation. It is easy, low-priced, and quick to formulate (15 minutes for all steps). This method is specifically developed to the practical needs in day-to-day implant dentistry. Several articles have reported the use of these L-PRF membranes for the stimulation of bone. It promotes gingival healing during full mouth reconstructions using dental implants. Using these membranes on soft tissue healing delivers remarkably fast and complete patient healing.

100% Natural. 100% You.

L-PRF, Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin is a combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin derived from the patient’s blood. A simplified chair-side procedure results in the production of a thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin that is solid and malleable. This is appropriate for suturing. This natural fibrin tissue is rich in platelets. It has growth factors and cytokines that are derived from blood platelets and leukocytes. Leucocytes are part of the immune system. They are responsible for helping heal our bodies.

No additives, chemicals or foreign substances

The presence of these proteins has been reported to produce quick healing, especially during the first days after implant placement. L-PRF also promotes more efficient cell migration and production without chemical or bovine additives.

Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin shows tremendous functioning properties. This bio-material is strong yet flexible. It is easy to handle and to adapt to difficult oral areas. This material is FDA approved for patient confidence. Additionally, platelets play a vital role in helping to slow the loss of blood during surgery, as well as speeding the wound healing process.

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