Travis Kern

I am just back from another dental treatment with Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini. I had my first appt. with him roughly 2.5 years ago. He charges roughly 1/3 of U.S. prices with incredible work according to the lady who cleans my teeth in Clearwater, Florida. USA. At his office I have had a lot of: fillings, root canals, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, an implant, and all kinds of stuff due to my awful dental genetics. Him and his staff will not do a rush job on one patient if they need more time, simply to be on time for your appointment. You will appreciate this when it is your turn and they do an incredible job versus racing and clock watching. They even gave a severe discount to their own quote when they realized I needed extra work but simply could not afford 2.5 years ago. I will remember this forever and use and recommend highly for as long as they are in business. Long story short, they charge 1/3 of the price, have incredibly advanced quality and I personally like and trust him and his entire team with my life. If him and his entire team are busy with patients that they cannot get away from, yes you may wait an hour or two.

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