Sarah Cohen

The team at Goodness Dental, including Dr. Andres, Sue and Dr. Karen took great care of me. I needed several dental implants, and had a short window to complete my care. Another differentiating factor was that Goodness Dental uses only maxillofacial surgeons for placing implants. This was a huge difference for me. The pricing was good. There were some other less expensive clinics that I looked at, but I chose Goodness Dental because it seemed like the right decision. They took great care of me and even gave my husband a free exam, and filled a cavity for him too. During my last appointment, Dr. Karen gave me a guarantee certificate, showing that my dental implants are guaranteed for life. No other clinic was willing to give me a lifetime guarantee in writing. They really care for their patients, and made me feel very special. I referred my parents to come to Goodness Dental when I return in a few months for my final crowns.