RJ Oregon

The old adage, “ you get what you pay for” is so very true in my experience. After reading numerous reviews concerning various dentists in Costa Rica, I chose Dr Telma Rubenstein of Prisma Dental. BIG MISTAKE. I was impressed with their internet advertisements featuring their “state of the art” lab etc. As it turned out, the lab with its latest technologically advanced equipment, was only as good as its technicians and materials used. I was also impressed with some of the glowing endorsements that I later found out were written by people that had a vested interest in Prisma Dental.
On arrival at Prisma Dental, I met with Dr Telma Rubenstein. We discussed what work needed to be done and the charges for the procedures. Dr Rubenstein was pleasant enough on my initial contact. All that changed when she began working on my teeth. I found that she had a terrible “ bedside manner” and was very pushy and rude. She is a driven woman who I later found out works twelve to fourteen hours a day. She had me sitting in the dental chair for hours on end without a break, hanging the saliva suction device inside my cheek even when not needed.
When I would remove it, she would rudely replace it, resulting in painful blisters inside my mouth. As you would expect, this work ethic makes for ideal conditions for mistakes to take place. When all work was completed I was happy with the outcome and believed that all that I went through was worth it. I asked for an itemized bill. Gloriana, the office clerk told me it was not ready but gave me a total amount due. I paid the bill and prior to returning to the States, again requested an itemized copy of the bill. Gloriana stated she would email it to me.
Less than a month later my crowns began to break. Upon notifying Dr Rubenstein of the problem, she became very irritated and attempted to blame me for the breakage. She ultimately agreed to fix the problem but would not pay for my return airfare ($916). To her credit she took care of lodging and food.
Dr Rubenstein examined my broken crowns and consulted with her husband Dr Cordero in my presence. He informed her that the reason for the breakage of the crowns was due to them being made too thin. This second visit turned into a real nightmare. Dr Rubenstein hurried through the repairs and was very irritated, stating that she had angry paying clients waiting for her services. I returned home this time with heavier, off color crowns that looked like Chiclet gum pieces. I also now have several very sensitive teeth due to her excessive grinding in trying to fix the bite problem. One week after returning home I suffered another broken crown. I now question the quality of the lab work and materials used to make my crowns. The bite problem is still ongoing and causing pain when eating.
Again, prior to leaving this second time I requested the itemized bill from the first visit. Gloriana stated she would email it. I finally received the bill and found several added and excessive charges.
On a final note the last mistake I made was not getting a breakdown of charges in written form before having any work done. I have learned a valuable lesson and hope others thinking about going to Prisma Dental will take my experience into consideration.