Pam & Tom Parker

We couldn’t be happier! This is the best money we have ever spent! We are both Senior Citizens who want to enjoy many years of dining, family photos & good health. In the USA our dentists said a full mouth implant would take at least 8 months, at a cost of a home in many places, and we would need to be without teeth for 6-8 weeks “while our gums healed”. This was not a good option! When we found Dr. Coto, we just told him we wanted “hollywood smiles”. We flew in and were greeted by Olger who was essential to our trip. He took us to the clinic, interpreted as-needed, and arranged the “Airbnb-type” lodging incuding meals for the entire stay. Dr Coto was able to pull all my teeth (without pain) and do the implant screws in just an hour or 2. We had to wait 3-4 days for the lab to make temporary cast….which looked amazing! We then flew home, came back 3-4 months later for the permanent teeth. This was 1 year ago & we cannot stop smiling! Looking back at older photos you can see the change in confidence. We love that we can now enjoy good meals, take pictures with big smiles, and are much more outgoing. They only use top-quality Zirconia at only about one fourth or less than the cost told to us in the USA for Zirconia. God bless the doctor & his staff which are amazing.