Maxillary osteotomyMaxillary osteotomy is an operation in which the surgeon makes an incision in the gum through the maxilla above the teeth.

The operation doesn’t involve any incision on the face. After being incised the upper jaw by means of a small saw is cut systematically so that the jaw is broken but in a controlled way.

The jaw is then re-positioned so that the teeth in the upper jaw may be aligned with their counterparts in the lower jaw.

The surgical position for the jaw to be positioned in is a part of the operational planning and is done before hand. After repositioning the surgeons stabilize the jaw in its new position by means of titanium screws. As the bone heals, the screws are overgrown by the bone and they remain inside the bone forever.

The procedure benefits patients who suffer from an upper jaw deformity, for instance an open bite.

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