chin repositioningThis operation involves repositioning of the chin. It can either be used to retract the chin or to advance the chin forward. The surgeon makes an incision from the first bicuspid to the first bicuspid. In this way he exposes the mandible. The mandibular soft tissue is stripped off it.

Next, the surgeon makes horizontal incisions just below the first bicuspids bilaterally.

Then the important part, i.e. osteotomy is done in a vertical and inferior plane bilaterally. This detaches the mandibular bony segments.

After repositioning, the segments are stabilized with plates made of titanium. No fixation is required following the operation.

In case the jaw needs advancements, the surgeon implants into the mandible, products. These are inert and harmless substances. After implantation, the surgeon reunites the cut segments with the help of titanium screws as they bypass the bone cuts.

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