Dental Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages

Dental Surgery in Costa Rica

With the rising prices in dental care and the falling prices of air transport, many Americans, Canadians and people from other countries are discovering that it’s more affordable or more convenient to have dental surgery in Costa Rica where recovery can be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Among the different dental procedures that patients need, perhaps the most complex involve surgery. On one hand, they tend to be the most expensive procedures, but on the other, they seem more risky and people may be reluctant to leave home for them.

If you’re considering joining the thousands of patients that have gone to Costa Rica for dental surgery, it’s wise to consider the advantages and disadvantages first.


  • Dental surgery in Costa Rica is affordable. This is the primary reason that patients from all over the world come to Costa Rica for dental surgery. For many people, dental surgery in the US or Canada is just too expensive. In some cases, dentists don’t even suggest all the possible options because they understand that many of their patients will not be able to afford them. For example, solutions that involve multiple dental implants are often too expensive for the average patient. In contrast, prices for the same procedures in Costa Rica are affordable to almost everyone, giving patients access to the best solutions they need; the ones that offer increased long-term benefits.
  • Dental care in Costa Rica is high quality. Not only do patients report that they were treated well in Costa Rica, the results of dental surgery are on par with the quality in the USA, Canada and Europe. Costa Rican dentists, clinics and laboratories have invested heavily in training and equipment and use the best materials. In Costa Rica, you can find virtually any dental procedure that you need and expect dentists to have the same equipment and materials as the dentists back home. Due to recent progress in dental care in Costa Rica, many patients are reporting that the care in Costa Rica is better than the care they receive in the US and Canada.
  • Costa Rica is a great vacation destination. Costa Rica is not just a dental tourism destination. It is a wonderful place to vacation. People come from all over the world because of its stunning and pristine natural beauty. The country is full of attractions for everyone. Whether you are into beaches, hiking, culture, gastronomy, or just relaxing by the pool, Costa Rica offers an ideal setting to recover from dental surgery.


  • Travel. Obviously, you have to travel to Costa Rica for the surgery. Don’t worry about the cost. Even with the costs of the plane ticket and the hotel, you’ll still pay less than just having the surgery at home. Not everyone likes to travel. If you don’t like to travel, you have to ask yourself if saving 50% or more on dental care is worth the trip.
  • Time. Chances are that your dental care will take 2-5 days. You may need to use vacation time to take the trip. Is this how you want to spend your vacation days? Is the savings worth the trade off? Only you can answer that question.
  • Is your need urgent? If your need is urgent, it might not be possible to wait to travel to Costa Rica for your dental care. If you have an emergency need, we recommend that you seek immediate care at home to remove any risk from your travel. When you have stabilized, you can plan for your dental trip to Costa Rica.
  • You might need more than one surgery. Some procedures, by their very nature, require two or more surgeries separated by an amount of time. This means that you’ll have to program two trips, although even so, it will likely be less expensive than having the surgeries at home.

In general, most patients find that, as long as the surgery is not urgent, they’re better off planning a trip to Costa Rica. Many decide to return later, this time, not for a dental surgery, but to fully enjoy all the natural beauty and culture that Costa Rica offers. That and a quick trip to the dentist for a routine check up.

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