William Dempsey

The treatment and care was outstanding. First I must compliment Nelson Ruiz owner of Casa Lima where I stayed. Nelson Provided all necessary transportation and assisted with language issues at the medical facilities I visited. Additionally, the staff at Casa Lima accommodated my meal requests before and after the surgery.

The treatment, surgery, implants and temporaries, was professionally performed. Dr. Julian Sesin, who performed the surgery was great. He was extremely competent and most considerate of my condition throughout the procedure. Dr. Daniel Alfaro took impression and installed the temporaries. Both doctors went out of their way to do the follow up adapting to my travel schedule. I cannot say enough about these men; they are highly skilled and demonstrated great compassion throughout the entire experience.

Dr. Karen Yurell who coordinated the work was a pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful personality and her positive attitude contributed to the success of the procedure.
It is now several days after completion and I have no pain or swelling. The process has been a total success and I highly recommend Goodness Dental for implant surgery.