Debra Gregory

Ever since my dentist in Charlotte told me about bio-dentistry, I have been concerned about the silver and mercury fillings in my mouth. I checked with my dentist for pricing to take them out and replace them with composite white fillings, but the price was way too much. I checked around and found that Mexico and Costa Rica has some good biodental and holistic dental clinics. I still don’t feel safe in Mexico , so I chose Costa Rica. When I researched biodentistry clinics in Costa Rica, Goodness Dental was the most recommended. Dr. Karen put together a treatment plan that was less than 50% of the price I would have paid in Charlotte. They followed the Huggins protocol for removing the mercury fillings and made sure that the fillings were safely removed. My new white fillings look great. I can’t even tell where the fillings are anymore. They also replaced two missing teeth with ceramic implants, helping me stay metal-free. I am so happy that I found Goodness Dental. They are honest, kind and really care for their patients. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and my new metal free mouth.